Gardenview Montessori's goal is to provide a quality preschool education for children under age six using the Montessori Method as the primary medium. This goal can be subdivided into three conceptual categories: intellectual, social and spiritual.

The intellectual objective on the Montessori program is to develop each student’s intellectual and creative potential to the fullest. Our focus is to guide the students through an academic curriculum that will provide them with the necessary skills to function as a contributing member of society. The learning atmosphere will balance work and fun, thereby helping students to like what they are learning and create a hunger for more learning.

The social objective is to model and interact with each other with courtesy, graciousness and gratitude. We will create cooperation rather than competition. Our goal is to foster unity and dignity among staff and students, parents and friends. Students will be guided toward understanding that the way to achieve peace and justice in the world is through cooperation, sharing, and caring.

The spiritual objective of Gardenview Montessori is to strive toward a high moral standard of showing love and concern for all one meets in one’s daily life. The concept of inner peace will be concretely fostered in the beauty, serenity, and order of the environment. Our goal is to move toward world peace by understanding our responsibilities to respect each other and our environment.

Gardenview is NOT your typical Montessori preschool and definitely NOT a daycare. Classes are scheduled for just a few hours for the newbies (20 months- 3 yrs) and the 3-4 year olds have the choice of morning or afternoon half-days. The curriculum is gently introduced through play and never pushed. I was previously opposed to enrolling my toddler into any program until he was at least 4 yrs old, but after experiencing happy, well-integrated toddlers thrive, it makes dealing with the infamous “Terrible Two’s” not so terrible at all!
— Kim T., Parent

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Gardenview Montessori is to evoke children’s love of learning using a Montessori curriculum to serve the needs of the whole child. Our mission is to provide an environment that will enable children and adults to realize and express their innate goodness, their joy in learning and their responsibility as caring, peaceful, global citizens.

We believe children should be offered respect and encouragement to explore, to question, to repeat, and to perfect their skills.  The carefully created and beautifully maintained environment promotes freedom of movement and a developing sense of order.

Our Staff

The staff at Gardenview Montessori are all loving and caring individuals who have had extensive experience working with children.  Most have been and are still Montessori parents.  Each class has at least one Montessori certified teacher.  You will have an opportunity to meet our staff during your tour, at our annual open house and during our "Welcome to Gardenview" meeting each fall.

Our School

Our school is a designated 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All of the funds raised for Gardenview Montessori, including fundraising and donations, go directly back into the school to purchase equipment, support staff training, maintain the building, and offer scholarships to families in need.